The closing presentation for the year.

Project description:

Ruins of Villa dei Quintili announce the entry to the city of Rome. The ruins are in the process of excavation by archaeologists and yield impressive fragments of statues and material. The original access to the site was through Via Appia Antica, today the axis of a nature reserve. The proposed project addresses current situation on the site. Spaces for archaeologists as well as tourists and students are offered. The project is organized around the focal point of the ruins of the Villa. It aims to accentuate the character of the Roman villa, with its distribution of functions, grid and organization. The project references the status of the Villa dei Quintili as a gateway to Rome on Via Appia Antica, and seeks to introduce the important fragments to wider public and local residents. The project serves as both introduction to Rome and an in-depth examination of its historical fabric. The fragmentation of the site, both ruins and monuments, is reflected in the design of spaces and program. The three separate interventions are connected visually and through the distribution of activities. The program is organized around the concepts of learning about, reposing amidst and reflecting on the ruins. The project aims to serve conservation and archaeology professionals and students, as well as casual visitors to Rome. The wider accessibility of most of the spaces serves as means to introduce visitors to how historical Roman monuments are discovered, cared for and conserved. Through the fragmented process of archaeological research, the project aims to help to educate about the historical importance of Rome and the material that the city is made of, and to induce its visitors and inhabitants to perceive the complex layering of destruction and rebuilding.


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