Continuing with documenting the progress of the final year project, an Archaeology Interpretation Society, the presented is work exhibited on mid-term review.

The general view of the approach from Via Appia Antica. The lecture theatre with portico-like open air auditorium have a visual link to the conservation laboratories next to callidarium.

A longitudinal section through the site, looking south-east through the learn space, with elevation of auditorium and lecture theatre.


Ground level program:

Conservation laboratories are situated at the north part of the building, with a mezzanine level accessible to visitors enabling observation of conservationists at work. Adjacent and close to the ruins is a classroom space. The central volume is taken by archive, both enclosed and publicly accessible, distributed on two levels. The offices and study space for interns is accessible through a ramp.


The exhibition space has two wings with central approach. The cross-sectional openings relate to both the Villa and smaller therme further on the site.


A longitudinal section through auditorium with a lattice-truss covering with translucent polycarbonate sheets. The plan shows the upper level with ramp leading to the walkway and the lecture theatre.


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