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Brief: Design a covering for pavement in one of the rooms in Villa dei Quintilli, a tourist route and buildings for archaeologists.

Covering design

The main concept was the provision of protection from rain coming usually from certain direction, and to design a light-weight, as if floating covering.

Model of covering:

Archaeologists’ shelters


Survey: photographs, drawings, sketches.

Frigidarium, the room surveyed, was the cold room of the baths. It had large openings with cross-vaulted roof.

Stratification of layers: from Hadrian to contemporary conservation.

The marble floor.

Field trip to Rome to survey Villa dei Quintilli offered some opportunities for wandering around the city.

Rome is perhaps the best example of adaptive re-use. Buildings in historic centre are still used, re-modelled, refurbished. 



The stratification and historic layers are clearly visible, one of the best examples in the city being Crypta Balbi.